The woman who faced a firing squad – Laura’s personal connection

Humanity – devotion – fortitude – sacrifice – patriotism is not enough – only monument in London to a woman who died in World War I – flair for languages – life was fresh and beautiful – lonely, low-paid – strong sense of her destiny – sister named after Florence Nightingale – elephant man connection – an international group of women – dog Jack thought of the nurses as sheep and he would try to round them up – each one was a father, brother or son – the profession of nursing knows no borders – the lost children – became an important part of the resistance network – helped British servicemen to escape – hid him in a barrel – the secret police arrested her – Cell 23 – her reserved manner may have prejudiced them against her – it was a show trial – the words death penalty were first heard – most of the other death sentences were commuted – a last minute rush to have her sentence commuted – did her hair – the Brussels shooting range –there was a  coffin beside each post – her eyes were full of tears – let Cavell be the battle cry – Laura’s personal connection with Edith Cavell – a nurse who did her duty

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