The Treasures of the Circle Line – Rounded-up, Roped-in & Decanted

Here’s Adam introducing the Circle Line. Where he’s going to take us, what we’re going to get up to on this segment of the Underground Overground – Virtual Tour Series Exploring London by Tube.

Here’s his written description of the tour…

A virtual tour of the Circle Line…

Is it really a circle, though? Isn’t it more a lasso? Or a bottle?

Whatever the geometry, we’ll round-uprope-in and decant the treasures of the yellow line (and what lies above) from museums to true crime.

All of London’s contrasts and nuances can be found along our 23-mile route. Grenfell Tower and Kensington Palace sit cheek-by-jowl in the west… while over in the east we have the Brutalist Barbican and the Tower of London.

It may be the shallowest of lines, but we’ll be digging into the hidden depths of London’s story every step of the way.

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