The River Seine – Taster from the Paris Walks Virtual Tour

This is a clip from Paris Walks guide Chris Spence’s Virtual Tour of “the most beautiful avenue in the world” – the river Seine.

The clip comes from the final segment of the tour. I chose it for this podcast because it looks at some of the more unusual aspects of the Seine.

There was a lively Q & A discussion after Chris wound up the formal part of the tour. I’ve included that Q & A session because 1) the topics that were discussed were interesting in their own right; and 2) because the “injury time” sessions are, in our estimation, an important “added value” component to the virtual tours. The social element is of course agreeable – but to that you can add that there’s a great deal to be said for being able to put any question you want to, in this case, an expert on Paris, a city several of the people in this group said they plan on visiting in 2022.  Fun to learn, for example, what will happen to you if the Paris police have to fish you out of the Seine. And loved the “totally off-topic question” – and answer – “Chris, how’s Notre Dame doing?”

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