The Pride of London Town

Last day of January. Grim times. So we turn to Shaughan (Shaughan channelling the most famous London anthem of them all, Noel Coward’s London Pride).

Turn to Shaughan for a lift. To be amused. To be made to feel a little bit better.

Shaughan the mimic. Shaughan the actor. Shaughan the stand-up. Shaughan the singer. Shaughan the entertainer. Shaughan the brilliant guide. Shaughan the wit. Shaughan the boon companion. Shaughan the sui generis, resourceful, endlessly creative performer.

Anyway, this number is one Shaughan’s been known to sing to his delighted colleagues at the annual London Walks Guides Christmas party.

In short, what you have here is the quintessence of why people love Shaughan’s walks.


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