RIP the man who gave the world the historic walking tour

Vale Keith.

Keith Baverstock was the man. Keith was the fabled Australian who founded London Walks over half a century ago. Founded the oldest urban walking tour company in the world – the template for high-quality walking tours around the world.

Keith died last Friday. His wife Fiona wrote to us this morning. Told us about Keith’s passing.

This podcast is dedicated to Keith. It’s a four-parter: a very brief intro from me,  Fiona’s email and my response, a poem, and the obituary Fiona wrote for her husband.

Five choice phrases:

“we die three times”

“Keith’s been the foundation and the inspiration to everything London Walks”

“He became his admirers…now he is scattered among a hundred cities”

“this day when one did something slightly unusual”

“The final words are Keith’s. They will be on his tombstone. They are: ‘I’d rather be cruising with Fiona'”

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