The Lure of the Underground

Award-winning – some award, she won the big one, the Guide of the Year Award – guide Fiona does a weekly tour for London Walks that explores the Tube. Called The Lure of the Underground, it explores the Tube above and below ground. Drawn from Fiona’s tour of the Underground, this fascinating Podcast “takes us down in there”, sheds a great deal of light on the Tube. Not least the big question: how in the world did they do it, how did the world’s first underground transport system come into existence? The Tube is something we all take for granted. I guarantee you, you’ll never do so again after listening to what Fiona’s got to say here.

One response to “The Lure of the Underground”

  1. Margery Nettleton says:

    As a devoted London Walks follower (I have done over 30 walks on my visits to London over the past 8 years!) I find myself totally enthralled by your podcasts. A rather sad but comforting substitute for my virus cancelled London visit this Easter. Thank you.

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