London & the Letter L – Fiona’s the guide, The London A to Z is the bailwick

Fiona, Karen, Russell, Adam and Simon W. are doing a magical virtual tour series called The A to Z of London. Each episode features two guides and three letters from the A to Z of London. Sunday night, April 4 it was the turn of the J-K-L sequence. In this excerpt, Fiona is the guide and the letter L is her brief.


“the Lambeth Walk, that cockney strut, became the basis of a dance”

“a very, very catchy, cheerful tune”

“the Nazis said it was Jewish mischief”

“the most perfect chorus line you have ever seen”

“leaning on the lampost at the corner of the street”

“I worked backstage…I had to stretch up to hand him his jacket”

“I want a proper cockney oi”

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