The Krays in London – the Dark Side of the Swinging 60s

Adam hunts down our most infamous gangsters. Welcome to the Krays’ manor. This isn’t clinical – this is what that time, that place, that milieu felt like. It’s brilliantly observed. Adam doesn’t just assemble the evidence – he “reads” it.

Any number of money quotes. Hardly surprising, given that Adam is the most quotable London Walks guide.

Want to go in there with Adam, meet the Krays? Click here.


“impaled to the floorboards through his throat – with a kitchen knife”

“there’s the money right at the end of the road, tantalisingly close”

“we’re in outcast London”

“the first questions that come up when you Google East London – is it dangerous? is it rough?”

“summoned to his execution”

“regarded as the marginally less psychotic of the Kray twins”

“the gun jams”

“your first impression: the scales of justice are wrapped up and tucked under her arm”

“stabbed in the head”





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