“the horses have been snipped” – Steve on the Bayeaux Tapestry

Steve debuted his Bayeaux Tapestry virtual tour tonight. In this extract adddresses the (very funny) question of the 93 penises in the original – and their being conspicuous by their absence in the 1870 Reading replica. He then takes us through the tapestry panel by panel (well, not all 58 of them but a carefully chosen selection of them so we understand this extremely important historical artifact by the time he completes his tour. A huge bonus, on the tour tonight the Swedish seamstress who is making an exact* copy of the tapestry made a guest appearance, fielded questions, etc. An extraordinary 65 minutes.

*yes, fully exact – no censorship, no expurgations, no snipping, no fig leaves, no “pants” [underwear, in American English]

“the other five are very much attached to male members of our species”

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