The History of London Walks – Part I, the 1960s

The oldest urban walking tour company in the world was started by an Australia, Keith Baverstock, back in the 1960s. “Keith was fed up with the banality of typical London tourist fare and so he started walking tours. In its very first incarnation he called it London Unlimited but in no time at all – a couple of months later – he changed the name to London Walks. And it’s been London Walks ever since. London Walks is synonymous with extremely high quality walking tours – it has its own identity, its own character. It’s the only walking tour company in the world that has a recognisable brand. You mention London Walks – everybody’s heard of London Walks.” David tells the story…

One response to “The History of London Walks – Part I, the 1960s”

  1. Michael A. Innis says:

    Fascinating! Looking forward to future installments! I wonder if Keith ever considered the name “London Walkabouts.” Those might last longer than two hours, though… ?

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