The guiding – like God – is in the details. Fiona reports

The eyes have it. Which is by way of saying, guides direct people’s attention so they see things they otherwise would not have noticed. Having shown, the guide then tells – makes sense of what’s been pointed out. And it’s often the case that the greatest delight – for both parties – comes from the “miniatures.” They’re often diamonds of meaning – small details that tell a big story. In this instance, Fiona connects a jelly sweet on a paving stone with a 1603 execution and the condemned man’s desperate attempt to save his life.


One response to “The guiding – like God – is in the details. Fiona reports”

  1. R. Taylor says:

    Wonderful…..London (and the rest of the world) are filled with connections, which Ms. Fiona points out. The eyes are indeed the mirrors of the soul……

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