The Friday Special – The River Lea

The brand new London Walks Virtual Tour series Liquid London – the Capital’s Waterways is about to get underway. Here’s a soupçon. As per the transcript below, it’s Fiona, London’s most decorated guide, giving us a quick overview of the River Lea across the centuries.


London calling.

London calling from the River Lea, London’s second most important river. Yes, time to get to know the River Lea just a little bit better. 

And that’s by way of saying, this is London Walks calling with a soupcon from the new Virtual Tours series Liquid London – the Capital’s Waterways. The series starts with a look at the River Lea. Give you a taster in a minute.

But practicals first.

Liquid London is just now weighing anchor. 

And, no surprise this, the series is a creation of the Fab Five, the All-Star team of London Walks guides who own the category, who’ve made a speciality of virtual tour series that are the best of both worlds – wide-ranging but also in-depth explorations of London.

The Liquid London series is taking place on Sunday evenings and Thursday mornings. Though if you want to go on the Sunday evening one, you’ll have to get in there fast. It’s almost sold out – only three tickets left. But there are still quite a few going for the Thursday morning outing.

That said, those time slots aren’t do or die matters. They’re the live sessions but the series is recorded so people who can’t make one or more of the live sessions can catch up with them at a time that suits their convenience. What’s more, the Liquid London series can be watched in any order. The guides haven’t done the series as a chronological progression through the Capital’s Waterways.

Anyway, Fiona – London’s most decorated guide, the only guide in London who’s won three gold medals, three Guide of the Year Awards – multi-award-winning Fiona gets the Capital Waterways series underway 

with, yes, an exploration of the River Lea, the grandaddy of Thames tributaries. Here’s a taster. This little clip is a quick overview of the River Lea across the centuries. Here’s Fiona.

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