The Friday Special – Archaeologist Kevin Talks about His Roman London Tour

This is the first of two “Friday Special podcasts for today (April 29). It’s a Meet Your Guide and Hear about a Walk podcast. In it Museum of London archaeologist Kevin Flude talks about his upcoming Roman London – an Archaeological and Literary Guided walk.

This is the transcript of my (David’s) Introduction to Kevin’s podcast.

It’s Friday. That means a double helping of London Walks podcasts. The daily Today in London History podcast. And a bonus podcast. 

Actually, today, April 29th, it’s a triple helping. 

A triple helping because we’ve got two Friday specials today. 

They’re both from the distinguished former Museum of London archaeologist Kevin Flude. So they’re in effect, Meet Your Guide and preview a walk podcasts. This is the first of them. In it Kevin talks 

about his Roman London – an archaeological and literary guided walk. 

I’ve got so much time for Kevin. He’s a great guy and, even more to the point, he knows things other people don’t know. Things about London. Love the way he enlivens the archaeological record with cultural stuff. It’s a very effective way of bridging 2,000 years. The vivid humanity and matter of factness of the people he quotes – they could be remarks overhead in a 21st century London pub. 

Those touches, they’re the magic wand that transforms ruins into visible lived-in London buildings and streets. London buildings and streets peopled with Londoners not all that different from ourselves, togas and sandals and Latin excepted. 

Here’s Kevin. Telling us a bit about his walk. 

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