The ABCs of the London A to Z

This is a clip from the first instalment of our London A to Z Virtual Tour. What’s the London A to Z Virtual Tour? Five elite, award-winning London Walks guides – Adam, Fiona, Karen, Russell and Simon – have created a series that uses the alphabet as spring board and organising principle. One of the many delights of it is you don’t know what’s coming next. Were chronology the organising principle people who know their London history would often be able to guess what comes next. That isn’t the case with this organising principle. So, yes, the sense of anticipation – what’s round the next corner? what surprise is in store? is one of the many delights of the London A to Z series. It opened tonight, March 14. Every “programme” will feature three letters and two guides. So for this opening instalment Adam took the letters A and C. And Fiona took the letter B. In this extract we hear Fiona ending up her tour of London “B’s” and handing the baton to Adam, who is off and running with the letter C.

I was in the audience tonight. At this point I reached for a pen. I wanted to write down the thought that washed over me. That thought was, “this is splendid – it’s extremely rich fare for a Londoner (indeed, for a London Walks guide) – so how beyond price it would be for a tourist planning a visit to London. [And then I added] just thinking – enthusing – out loud.”

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