“Tastes like toenails” – Ann serves up a hairy German & other London odds & ends

Now as for these “London Calling” podcasts of ours, nobody does them better than Ann. (She’s got an advantage of course: years of doing this very thing in her career at the BBC.) This one takes us up and down the Thames (and in and out of the Thames) and over the centuries. It ranges across what Londoners ate, what London obsessives got up to, what the tide disclosed, how Londoners held themselves together, what they’ve recently welcomed back, the all-important matter of ladders for fish, what one of them dropped from Hammersmith Bridge, feasting clergymen, fed up Tower of London prisoners, why beating with hard ropes is best, a hairy German, a beardy (and very famous) English artist, etc. etc. It is, in short, Ann at her dazzling best with London odds and ends.



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