Stirring Stuff – Adam on the Glories of Welsh Rugby (yes, a bonus podcast)

One of the things we do as guides is open up to view to visitors this country’s fascinating history and culture. Its nuances and subtleties. We unpack it, help them to understand it, make sense of it. This podcast is the result of a brief phone conversation I had with Adam yesterday. He mentioned that he’d be watching the rugby today. And the fact of the matter is, despite my having lived here for 50 years, there are huge gaps in my “grasp” of my adopted land’s culture and history. Rugby is one of those gaps. I was completely clueless about the different “meaning” – the significance – of the sport to its different “tribes”. The English, the Scots, the Welsh, the Irish. Adam filled in some of those glaring gaps in my knowledge. I was fascinated. I said, “look, could I get you to say what you just said – or a version of it – into a microphone. That’s so interesting, Adam, I’d love to put that up as a podcast.” He obliged me. Out on his morning constitutional today, he talked Welsh rugby into his phone. Here it is. As always with Adam, it’s shot through with brilliant insights, perfect phrasing, lots of feeling. There’s no better storyteller than this brilliant guide. I’ve said it before – and I’ll say it again – Adam Scott is the only human being I know who talks like a well-written magazine article.

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