Steve’s British Library Tour & a Guest Appearance by an American Archivist

I love what Steve is doing on so many of his virtual tours. He’s getting highly qualified professionals – experts – to make guest appearances. His British Library Tour tonight was a perfect case in point. This podcast starts with Steve’s statistical “wrap” at the end of the tour. By statistical wrap I mean a parade of statistics, every single one of which induces a jawing-hanging-open response. And then he introduces his guest speaker, Katie McCormick, the Archivist at Florida State University, who was – how cool is this – speaking from Florida. Steve proceeds to interview her. That interview – those few moments – are what I’ve included in this podcast. So two for the price of one – Steve doing his jaw-dropping “wrap” and then an American archivist talking about her work and “the core work of conservators” generally. Fascinating stuff.

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