Sex & Death in the 1665 Great Plague

And ravenous hunger and treatments and symptoms and how you died – human fuel for this dreadful disease – the two comets – about the size of an egg – what the excavations show us – the clot in the flea’s stomach – there was a general feeling of foreboding – fatality rate was about 70 per cent – 40,000 dogs and 200,000 cats were put down – doors were marked with a large red cross – 7,000 a week were dying – what the Crossrail project has uncovered – a death sentence for all of them – fumigation – plague was a regular visitor to London – you can see evidence of it in City churchyards – Bills of Mortality – the first case – oilskin clothes and terrifying masks – bacterial DNA found in the teeth of corpses – animals outnumbered humans – what exactly was this disease – Laura reports – Yes, London Walks has a Great Plague expert in its lineup…


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