Russell’s Overview of London’s Watery History – the Friday Special

For this “Friday Special” podcast we drop in on Russell’s Virtual London Tour of the New River. This is an extract from near the beginning of the tour. In it Russell is giving us an overview of the history of London and the wet stuff.


Sure enough, it’s Friday. Extra podcast day. I normally get it out late Thursday or early Friday morning. Didn’t make either of those deadlines today. A lot on my plate today. Had to finish the London Walks March Newsletter and send it on its way to its 3,000 plus subscribers. We’re pleased as punch that something we started just four months ago now has over 3,000 takers. And of course this is the final weekend before they close the polls and start counting the votes in the nationwide Tourism Superstar 2022 competition. And as a lot of you will have heard, we’ve been overtaken, we’re now in second place. And we’re determined not to come in second. It’s not just a matter of determination – it’s what’s right – those five guides and the city they represent deserve to win the thing. So we’ve been flat out here trying to rustle up a few more votes to get us home. Not just win the thing but win it going away. So come on London, come on Londoners – come on everybody who loves this city – vote for us, get us home. The link that will take you to the polling station is right here, front and centre, on the home page of the – the London Walks website.

And speaking of Tourism Superstars, so far we’ve heard from Adam and Karen and Fiona and Simon. But not yet from the fifth member of the team – Russell. So here he is in this podcast, Superstar guide Russell. It’s a short clip from Virtual Tour of the New River. Which in turn was one of the episodes the five superstars did in their eight-part Liquid London Virtual Tour series. The extract is from near the beginning of the tour – Russell is paddling through an overview history of watery London. Here’s Russell…

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