Richard Red Hat invites you home

A grand tour of London. Right across London – Greenwich to Chelsea. And right across London’s past, present and future. London’s river and its buildings and entertainment and beauty and social goings-on. Written and narrated by Richard Red Hat, he of the velvety voice and unerring good taste. To say nothing of warmth and friendliness and conviviality and graciousness – Richard’s the platonic ideal of the perfect host. Remarkably so – see the title (and he’s not just saying that, it’s true).

One response to “Richard Red Hat invites you home”

  1. Elke H. says:

    Dear Richard, Thank you for sharing this special walk as a podcast. Two years ago I joined your tours of Oxford, the Cotswolds and Bath, which were all brilliant. A big THANK YOU to the whole team of London Walks for providing wonderful online tours in these challenging times ! I’m looking forward to my next visit to London – when we can meet again in real life. Best wishes, Elke

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