Privileged Access to Legal London – Jackie’s a solicitor so she can take us in there

The public can’t go in there. But we can. Because Jackie’s a solicitor, she’s a member of the Law Society – she can take us in there. And she does.

This is an excerpt from Jackie’s Legal London Virtual Tour. Everything about it is highly recommended. Being a member of the profession she’s of course got unrivaled expertise – she knows what she’s talking about. She’s got that privileged access. She’s got what I personally always want in a guide – a great eye for detail. She’s worked into the weave a fascinating, very special and extremely topical secondary theme: women in the legal profession (loved seeing, for example, where Margaret Thatcher’s chambers were, and hearing about the special training she got). And finally I was of course pleased (but not surprised) to discover that it’s completely different from Richard III’s Legal London – the Inns of Court Virtual Tour. It’s a big deal with us, this – that you can go over the same ground with Guide X and Guide Y and they’ll be completely different tours. Drives home the point that we make over and over again: guiding at this level – London Walks guiding – is not “memorise a script, college student, summer job guiding.”  Guides and guiding of this calibre – this is the big leagues, the Premiership.

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