London Walks Podcasts

“Do you ever cross paths with famous people on London Walks?”

Date post added: 6th July 2020

“Simon took an American megastar on a tour and she liked it so much she asked for a second helping – booked Simon for the next day”

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You’re directly above Kensington Palace – 80 feet up, looking down

Date post added: 5th July 2020

You go on a virtual tour of Kensington – the wealthiest borough in London (indeed the wealthiest district in the country) – you best strap yourself in because “Sights & Secrets of Virtual Kensington” takes you through the looking glass: to the Cotswolds and the Egypt of the pharaohs and San Francisco and Docklands and […]

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“What do we see on the Kensington tour?”

Date post added: 4th July 2020

“you’ll see a Victorian mortuary and Brigitte Bardot and a bear being skinned and 1930s workmen on a girder 80 storeys up and a Civet Cat and the prettiest girl in London and World War II bomb damage and Hugh Hefner’s shoes and the four great biblical rivers and Ascot hats…and that’s just for starters”

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The most brilliant London Walks podcast ever – this one will never be bettered

Date post added: 3rd July 2020

“What caused this musical coitus interruptus?”

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Alison on her day trip to St. Albans – and the lest we forget project she’s turned her hand to

Date post added: 2nd July 2020

“on our little street of 60 houses, 15 men lost their lives in the Great War”

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Meet Your Guide – Richard Walker grew up with the Beatles

Date post added: 1st July 2020

“the Beatles had managed to make my hometown the centre of the world”

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Hampstead Heath & Kenwood – Jan takes us there, shows us round

Date post added: 1st July 2020

the beautiful neo-classic villa is a masterpiece…with the star attraction being the library

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The History of London Walks – Part I, the 1960s

Date post added: 29th June 2020

“Keith was fed up with the banality of typical London tourist fare”

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Richard invites us home – to his country house in a Suffolk village

Date post added: 28th June 2020

“the village is small, idiosyncratic and charming”

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Waterloo & ‘the Stiffs’ Express’

Date post added: 27th June 2020

“matter from decomposing bodies leaked into drinking wells and springs”

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