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Rough, ready, riotous, raunchy upper class London – fasten your seat belts

Date post added: 19th August 2023

“he pissed on the populace – it provoked a riot”

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“Right in the centre and swim of things” – Early August in London

Date post added: 4th August 2023

I’ll take the English version every time.

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August 2, 1858 – the high tide of imperialism

Date post added: 2nd August 2023

“India is ours today…British bayonets beat bhang”

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August 1, 1834 – the Abolition of Slavery

Date post added: 1st August 2023

the friends of the abolition of slavery – some 130 of them – have gathered at the tavern to celebrate the event

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London Calling on Monday, July 31st – The Week Ahead

Date post added: 31st July 2023

a guide who has both a judge’s wig and a barrister’s wig

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Just another day in the London Walks office – and a recommendation

Date post added: 30th July 2023

Peter to the rescue of the baby robins

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Miaow! London History with a Difference

Date post added: 26th July 2023

Ann talking about her new walk, Cat Tails – A Feline Take on London History.

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Guide David’s birthday – What happened in London on July 25th, 1946?

Date post added: 26th July 2023

I’d never been on a ride down a birth canal before

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What happened in London on the day Machu Picchu was discovered?

Date post added: 25th July 2023

those magnificent men in their flying machines

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A glorious gallimaufry of London perceptions

Date post added: 24th July 2023

the Mews house was where the Duke of York got himself photographed with his arm around the waist of a 17-year-old American girl

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