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The Rugby Tour – to Accompany the Six Nations Tournament

Date post added: 8th February 2024

the boy, Webb Ellis, for his sporting sin, became a priest…

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Trafalgar Square Redux 8 – St Martin-in-the-Fields

Date post added: 6th February 2024

St Martin-in-the-Fields is a small miracle about a miracle in a miracle in a miracle

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Eight! New London Walks Coming on Stream

Date post added: 2nd February 2024

There’s been one of those periodic bursts of creativity on the part of Team London Walks.

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Charlie introduces his How the West End Was Won walk

Date post added: 30th January 2024

It was more than just putting up some Nash terraces…

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Ann’s Introduction to the Old London Walk

Date post added: 29th January 2024

“through narrow city lanes…it’s the little details that charm”

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Trafalgar Square Redux 7 – the National Gallery’s Foul Air Vents

Date post added: 28th January 2024

You’ll never again be able to go into the National Gallery and look at a Reubens without thinking of bird shit.

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Foodies, Spies, Jeeves – This Weekend’s (January 27-28) Specials

Date post added: 27th January 2024

London calling. London Walks connecting. This… is London. Story time. History time. Yes, London Walks. AKA Streets Ahead. It’s January 27th, 2024. Quick one today. The pin is another barmy Britain item. Last time it was potty-mouthed parrots. This time it’s Olympic-standard criminal incompetence. The story ran last month in the York Press. It caught […]

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Trafalgar Square Redux 6 – George Washington

Date post added: 24th January 2024

“you’re looking at a portable flogging and beheading kit”

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Urban Geology Tours Are Back!!!!

Date post added: 23rd January 2024

If we were the British Museum Ruth’s urban geology walks would be the equivalent of the Egyptian mummies

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Trafalgar Square Redux 5 – Epilogue to an Empire

Date post added: 21st January 2024

“your heart has missed the beat of centuries”

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