“The Dig,” the Helmet, the “Must-See” in the British Museum – the Sutton Hoo Treasure

This is Cambridge University paleontologist – and star Blue Badge guide – Aaron guiding in the British Museum. In this instance, the Sutton Hoo treasure – one of the five “must-sees” in the British Museum. The Sutton Hoo treasure – and especially its star attraction, the helmet – has of course caught the public imagination of late because of the just-released Netflix film, The Dig.


“he found an entire burial that was in the shape of a boat”

“he found a burial chamber”

“the skeleton had been destroyed”

“the metal around this burial had survived”

“shoulder clasps and even the top lid of a purse”

“realised it wasn’t Viking, it certainly wasn’t Roman, it was Anglo-Saxon”

“dated from the 7th century”

“realised they had to be trading with the rest of the world”

“the helmet looks like something out of the literature of the Anglo-Saxon period”

“it’s a really menacing looking helmet that you see in front of you”

“the clue of who he is comes from a series of coins…that tell us this was the 6th century”

“we are staring at the face of a 6th-century king”

“the new Netflix film”


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