Today’s the day! We’re back.  Click here for walking tours. And here for virtual tours.

Noel from the London Walks office answers “the question”

Noel. So good at what he does, such a good fit for London Walks. Why? Because he’s got “people skills” that go on forever – and because he loves, believes in and is fascinated by “the product”, by what we do, by high quality walking tours in London. What you’re listening to here is a case in point. Noel’s been on furlough since mid-March but he’s still in here with us in spirit and in the interest he’s taking in how things are going, in particular the new Covid-sparked development: the virtual tours. He’s been on lots of them. What he makes of them – his experience of them – counts for a lot precisely because Noel’s not a guide but, like the guides, he’s passionate about, cares about the product. Have a listen, what Noel has is to say about London Walks is invariably interesting and valuable.

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