Megastar makes surprise appearance at Simon’s Virtual Tour!

On Friday, Simon W. did a private virtual tour for livery company member, Lincolnshire farmer and upmarket B & B proprietor, distance runner extraordinaire, great all-around guy and London Walks devotee Christopher. For his birthday. Great evening. Christopher’s family and his many friends were there, Simon W. was on top form, etc. A joy of an evening. Anyway, toward the end of the party Christopher’s friend Duncan proposed a toast and, well, it was almost as if that was a cue. Lo and behold: enter a megastar of international renown. To wish Christopher a happy birthday. Simon W. is an old friend of the star and, well, he called in a favour for Christopher. Simon hadn’t told a soul, so imagine our surprise. And delight. (And fortunately, we were still recording – we got it “on tape.” Here it is.)

Only at London Walks. No other walking tour company in the world can serve up this kind of stuff (though admittedly it doesn’t happen very often). But guides of this calibre can make some pretty special stuff happen. Though this one sets the bar very high. Wouldn’t surprise me though if Simon gets the occasional encore from his megastar pal. We pumped him afterward and it turns out the two of them are good friends, go back a long way. So you never know.

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