Meet Your Guide – Shaughan

The fifth in our Meet Your Guide interview series. This is Shaughan, “everybody’s favourite guide.” Shaughan’s a star. Has the “skill-set” to the full. Trained as an actor at this country’s most prestigious drama school (RADA), he’s got the great voice, has presence, has timing, has a great ear (can do accents), etc. But most of all, best of all, above all, he’s a great guy, an English gentleman. He’s our singing guide (well, one of our singing guides – Adam also works that magic on his tours). And Shaughan’s had “other experience” that’s given him an understanding and appreciation of London life and culture that stands him in good stead on his walks. That chapter in his life comes up fairly early in the interview – look out for it.


“my career fledged – but then waned”

“the back of my head and one line and my hand approaching Joanna Page’s nipple”

“I’m very often the snooty, acerbic lawyer”

“it was a complete disaster”

“when you put on the wig and the gown you suddenly…”

“he had Bob Dylan in his boat and he didn’t realise who he was”

“it makes strangers feel like they belong”

“the vowel sounds are crucial”

“it’s a sign of good character”




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