Meet your guide – Mary (‘the boss’)

First in a new sub-series called Meet your guide. The formula is: David interviews a guide. Gets the guide to tell us a little bit about himself or herself. Where they grew up, what they did (and do) professionally, how they found their way into London Walks, what they do when they’re not guiding, what they make of London, likes and dislikes, any special London “tips” they might have, etc. etc.

And it’s Mary (Mary the dancer, Mary the little English rose, Mary “the boss”) who gets the show on the road. Is the leadoff batter (yes, it’s a baseball idiom but so what) for the new series.

3 responses to “Meet your guide – Mary (‘the boss’)”

  1. Wendy Bell says:

    Discovered this tonight and thoroughly enjoyed it. So nice to hear your voices. 🙂 Looking forward to getting back to London whenever it is safe to travel.

  2. Candace Ryczek says:

    I’ve been binge listening to the most recent podcasts tonight, and came upon this first “meet your guide” interview- loved it! And the podcasts! It’s great to learn you’ll be continuing the virtual tours even when things open up and in-person walking can resume. It’s the next best thing ☺️.

  3. David Tucker says:

    And a big hello to you, Candace! She’s a bit of all right, isn’t she, the English rose.

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