Meet Robert – he who guides ashore & on the water

Here’s Robert. Robert’s the guiding equivalent of an outstanding Marine Corps officer. I.E., Robert guides on land and on water. (Can “aloft” be far behind?) Oxford graduate, actor, former Curator of the Brunel Museum, Robert guides those wonderful, best-of-both-worlds, hybrid tours that start with a sumptuous (and, yes, for sure, guided) Thames cruise and then “go ashore”, for more brilliant guiding, downstream, on terra firma. And, also for sure, they’re a Brunel feast.

3 responses to “Meet Robert – he who guides ashore & on the water”

  1. Larry J Sanzenbacher says:

    This is a wonderful cruise and walk! I did it once in 2019 and will do it again when I am able to get back to London after the virus is under control in the United States. Thanks for the great podcast.

  2. Shelley Smith says:

    Thames River cruise with Brunel expert Robert sounds great! I will be in London May 2021 so I can sign up in advance and buy an oysyer card before. Your FAC says cruise tickets ate provided by the guidr, but at too of your description it says price not included. Please confirm that they are not included. Does Robert accept cards or cash?

  3. David Tucker says:

    Hello Shelley. Many thanks – and, hey, the time is coming. So hope your plans come good and you’re here in May. In answer to your questions, 1) yes, the boat fare is extra – but Robert’s cut a deal with the boat company, he gets his walkers a very good discount indeed on the cost of the boat ride; and 2) yes, most of the guides are now fitted up with that card reading bit of kit.

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