Many of you will remember Katy

Katy was our juv lead. She was, so to speak, to the manor born. She grew up with London Walks (a couple of her earliest memories amused me no end – no recollection at all of her and her little pals “vandalising”, “inking” London Walks leaflets). Her mum (an actress) guided; her dad (an academic and television journalist) guided; her grandfather (a legendary BBC producer, writer and many would say the greatest London raconteur ever) guided – so it was in her blood, in her DNA. Took to it immediately – and completely captivated her walkers. So this interview catches up with her. She now lives in Brighton, runs a successful little business that’s very Katy, very “communication, people-oriented”.

On another note, we’ve had 48 hours of technical problems with this little podcast operation. Ergo the radio silence. Fingers crossed that it’s sorted and it’s smooth sailing – putting out a piece every single day – from here on out.

Tomorrow is first day of the new Lockdown, so I think it likely that that’s what tomorrow’s podcast will “address.”

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  1. Chelle Downey-Magee says:

    I loved hearing Katy’s voice again…we were fortunate to walk with her in Piccadilly and along the Thames in 2012. So appreciated both her sense of history and sense of humor. Thanks for the update on her story.

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