London Walks guide interviews the first man on the moon

He [Neil Armstrong] was the original cool – Dan, who interviewed Armstrong and guides for London Walks, is the original cool + 1 – I was writing a book at the time called Moonshot – I was trying to get an interview with various astronauts – the show I was working on was a big deal – I’d arranged interviews with the twelve men who’d walked on the moon – I’d arranged an interview with President George H. W. Bush – they took all of us to the moon – I wrote persistently for about a year – Neil Armstrong said he’d meet with us on the condition that we would be in Istanbul – said he’d meet us on the condition that he would tell us why he wasn’t going to give us an interview – we’d love for you to tell us that you don’t want to talk to us – Armstrong was great, very twinkly – I’m going to be in Barcelona, you can shoot it there – the only person I ever felt overawed by – here I am with the Commander of Appollo 11, sitting in a taxi – we talked about the Roman ruins – what was it like living in a spacecraft – he said, ‘noisy’ – not many poets went to the moon – I guess we’ll never know, will we? – you can see parts of that Neil Armstrong interview, BBC clips on youtube and elsewhere –  it was a moment for me – Take a look at the book, Moonshot [by Dan Parry]

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