Let’s talk of graves, of worms, and epitaphs – Charlie tells us about his Graveyards to Die For virtual tour

Here’s guide extraordinaire Charlie Forman talking about his Graveyards to Die For Virtual Tour.


“If the city was three times as big three times as many people would die”

“It’s not just something to listen to but to look at”

“a dig that’s just been completed”

one of the things it showed up was how people protected themselves from grave robbers

“women and children were the prime targets for grave robbers”

“they uncovered remarkable techniques people used to prevent their family’s loved ones from being taken from the graves”

“they found a metal coffin which once it was closed there was no means of opening it”

“you locked the body in”

“the graveyards ran out of space”

“bodies decompose much more quickly in gravel and sand than they do in clay”

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