Kevin’s free tour of Jane Austen’s London

One of archaeologist Kevin’s admirers – a Canadian lady who’d attended a lecture he gave – recently left him an 1809 Guidebook to London. It came out of the blue. The daughter of the deceased lady was able to track Kevin down on the internet and she put the book in the post to him. He was so moved that he’s created a virtual tour/walk based on the book. It will only run once – on Sunday, March 28 – and, lovely gesture, this, he’s doing it for free. (Though if anyone wants to they can of course make a donation; any monies of which will go toward the cost of the specialist conservation and restoration work on the old book.) Kevin’s called the virtual tour Jane Austen’s London – the London of 1809. This podcast is a little trailer for the tour. It’s Kevin talking about the book, the special circumstances surrounding it, and the tour he’s created.

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