Hit the Street, Take a Walk on the Beguiled Side – Adam walks a storied London street

London Walks’ most gifted storyteller takes us along London’s most storied street, Charing Cross Road. That “great and celebrated book thoroughfare….shops that provide one of the greatest shows in the whole West End.” A place where, stunned, you reel from  “vivid, operatic service” to “the greatest and funniest retail experience in town.” But let’s pick just one, more or less at random, of Adam’s characterisations – and build on it. He describes the basement of Any Amount of Books as “a thing to behold, one of London’s rainy day glories.” It doesn’t take many more stops to realise that “a thing to behold, one of London’s rainy day glories” could in fact be the legend for the whole street. Enjoy.

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