Hidden London – Part 1

Distillation of a brilliant guide’s many years’ experience probing the hidden places and forgotten nooks of the world’s most elusive city. Exploring secret London – up creeping lanes, round out-of-the-way corners, past veiled islands of green – Shaughan’s at his inimitable best. As the New York Times put it, the walk is “a highly entertaining… blend of historical commentary and bizarre anecdote laced with mildly scurrilous gossip about past and present celebrities and defunct royals.” In such places and with such a guide, the past becomes our present.

3 responses to “Hidden London – Part 1”

  1. Michael McAllister says:

    Outstanding. Very entertaining and a walk we hope to join the next time we visit London.

  2. Anna says:

    Where can we find your podcasts? They don’t play on the London Walks site? (I wanted to reprise your brilliant Hidden London). The link we were sent doesn’t work.

  3. David Tucker says:

    Hi Anna,

    Hmmmm. I’m puzzled. We can certainly play them on the site – http://www.walks.com – here. It’s working exactly as it should do. Maybe try again? Go to the http://www.walks.com homepage. Look at the main menu on the left-hand side (your left as you’re looking at the page). Toward the bottom of the main menu list you’ll see Podcasts. Click on it. And up they come. The Hidden London one (Part I) was the very first one we did. The programme sets them out in tranches of ten each. Sets them out in chronological order. Those tranches are numbered. No. 1 is the most recent ten we’ve done. No. 75 is the very first ones we did. If you click on that 75 – the last one you can click on – that should bring up Shaughan’s Hidden London podcast, Part I. Have a go. Let me know if it works. Or doesn’t work. Don’t know what else to suggest. Because it is certainly working as it should do here, on this end. Albestest, David.

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