Happy Hampstead Encounter – Meet Artist Caroline Chinakwe of Camden Black Creatives

Caroline Chinawake is a distinguished local artist (Hampstead). Caroline and three of her fellow artists have opened “a pop-up shop gallery” right in the heart of Hampstead. It’s a feast of beauty and variety and vivacity and colour and joy… I’d gone up to Hampstead for my usual mid-week reccy* for my Sunday morning walk and Caroline’s brand new – and very temporary – gallery stopped me in my tracks. I went in. I met Caroline and her fellow artists. Life enhancers, all of them. And this interview is one happy outcome of that chance meeting.

*See what’s new, see if there’s something I’ve missed, make discoveries, meet yet more locals… I’m pretty much on top of the history but I’m also very keen to take an absolute up-to-minute pulse of Hampstead, get a feel for what’s there “today”, what’s going on “today” in Hampstead. And pass some of that on to my walkers, clue them in. It’s all about local knowledge.

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