Hampstead Spies – the UK’s foremost newsman reports

What a great trailer (see the quotes below). This is former ITN Editor and CEO Stewart Purvis CBE whetting our appetites for his upcoming (it takes place on the last Sunday of every month) Hampstead Spies Walk. It’s got everything – I mean how do you go wrong with Top Secret MI5 files and ‘incredibly personal information.’ One thing’s for sure, those lovely Hampstead streets will never look the same again.


“the KGB used Hampstead as the base just not for spies but for recruiting more spies’

“my information comes mostly from MI5 files for the period”

“but also family archives…incredibly personal information”

“spy love stories”

“KGB code names”

“Arnold and Edith”

“a young woman from Vienna”

“sexology books”

“they were living at opposite ends of the same street in Hampstead”

“she was at one end of the street running her own KGB network”

“he was at the other end of the same street operating his network of spies”

“put together one of the most powerful network of spies Britain has ever seen operating against British interests”

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