Hampstead – David guides it (well, part of it)

Some Hampstead tapas – its days as a spa town (it rivalled Bath and Tonbridge Wells as the spa in England) and matters literary…

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  1. Yusuke Nakahama says:

    I joined the London Walk- Hampstead Walk Tour by David in August 2020. I was vey impressed by David’s knowledge of history and culture of Hampstead and his character motivated us to walk into the village and the Heath. My favorite place in Hampstead was Vale of Health and Mansfield Place, where I felt like in the middle of nowhere and being escaped from all of it in my life. I have decided to live in Hampstead and was allowed to be in my favorite place David took me in that summer day. The walk tour was a trigger for me to find a space to live in my favorite place. I am happy to see David when he walks every Sunday afternoon.

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