Fiona introduces the Underground-Overground Exploring London by Tube Series

Introducing the new  Underground – Overground Exploring London by Tube Virtual Tour series. Brought to you by London’s most decorated guide. Yes, that’s Fiona. Here, in this ten-minute excerpt, she sets out a brilliant exposition of the London transport system. And then it’s on to Berkhamsted Castle, the first of the locations she picked out for her hit parade of special places to be found along the Metropolitan Line.

It’s a rich and rewarding listen. But please do remember that this is just the audio track. On the virtual tour you’re seeing everything she’s talking about. And seeing the principals, the historic figures who lived this history. And seeing maps that context and “place” it all.

This excerpt is from the first “chapter” in the series. If anyone wants to climb on board later on in the run of the series you won’t have missed anything by joining late because you will get the recorded version of this first (and every subsequent) instalment (chapter).

N.B. the other guide is Karen. The series is a five-guide production – Fiona, Karen, Simon W., Russell and Adam. We double team you on each episode. You get two guides for the price of one. One guide introduces said episode (co-pilots and joins in the discussion at the end) and the other guide presents it. Karen introduces this first episode, Fiona presents it. Those two – that’s serious star power – they both won the big one, the Guide of the Year Award in their respective Blue Badge graduating classes.



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