David’s Recommendation – Part I

This is very prescriptive. It’s David out walking and talking, walking the route he’d recommend if, at the end of the Beatles walk, you don’t want to take the Tube back into central London.

It’s very detailed, very exact, this – full of practicals, full of advice. David tells you exactly how to do it if you fancy the best way of making your way back into central London from the famous crosswalk and the Abbey Road Studios in St. John’s Wood. It’s a three-segment journey. Starts with a very short bus ride. And then it’s a walk along the Regent’s Canal. Those two elements make up Part I of this 2-part podcast.

Part II, which will go out tomorrow, will give you third element: the transition from the Regent’s Canal to Regent’s Park and the walk through Regent’s Park to Baker Street Station.

It’s basically eye-candy all the way as soon as you get off the 139 bus. And the bus journey is a quickie, just two stops. There’s lots of nature. Lots of wildlife, Lots of flowers and green. Lots of water. To say nothing of lots of variety, lots of off-the-beaten-path London.

Which is by way of saying, the route has been thought through very carefully. Should you plump to act on this recommendation you’ll be a happy bunny. You’ll get a lot out of this walk, see a lot of London – see some London that most Londoners don’t see, let alone tourists. It’s recreational in every sense of the word: including the all-important one, it re-creates us, restores us, refreshes us.


“you’d think you were in Savannah, Georgia – it’s that lush and the mansions could be right out of the antebellum American South”

“best eyries in London”

“we very quickly get to the water feature”

“a wart-hog and a gang of hyenas”

“great fun to have them insulting us”

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