David on Dickens (No Christmas Dickens in this one, that’s for sure)

David’s got a thing about Dickens. Dickens was life-changing for him. Dickens is the reason he’s in this country. Indeed, Dickens is the reason David got into London Walks. Ian, who owned London Walks at the time, did not want an American guide. But David knew something about Dickens (University College London Ph.D. on Dickens, publications, etc.).

This podcast is a long long way off from all the Christmas Dickens fare that’s been knocking about. This is some good old fashioned “lit crit”– some taking the measure of the greatest novelist the English language has ever produced.

It focuses primarily on David’s favourite novel, Our Mutual Friend. But there’s also some Thailand, some breakdancing, some Covid-19 (inevitably), etc.

It’s bareback riding the waves of four of the most extraordinary descriptive passages in all of English Lit.

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