Songbird Simon W.’s Covent Garden Podcast – Part 1

“Wouldn’t it be loverly…” Buried treasure – award-winning guide who bursts into song – “you’re going to look up and be absolutely astonished” – “Betsy with her immense size breasts” – Bridge of Aspiration – Bridge of Perspiration – classical Roman temple – Molly houses – place of past and present mystery – “because of this wretched virus we can’t take you on the walks but that doesn’t stop us because we can take the walks to you. So sit back, relax and use your imagination as I take you on the walk” – that coat of arms – the most famous market in England – Italian townhouse – Eddie Izzard – 1300 years of history – 18th-century Tinder – Noel Coward and Audrey Hepburn – 11 taverns and as many unlegislated brothels – we won’t be charged extra – an everyday story of domestic violence – graceful homage to the world of ballet – lowly Cockney flower girl…

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