Cocktails, Beers & Livery Halls

Here’s an excerpt – this one focuses on the Wax Chandlers Livery Company – from Simon’s fascinating virtual tour of City of London livery companies. It’s a major treat – wonderfully informative. I mean, who would’ve known that the Blackfriars Theatre – where Shakespeare’s Company, the King’s Men – performed indoors led to intervals. Because the artificial lighting – candles – had to be trimmed. High-quality wax candles were slow-burning – but they wouldn’t burn for the entire length of a Shakespeare play. Hey presto: intervals. So the information is great but so are the visuals. Simon gets us inside these halls, interiors you’d otherwise never get to see.

This was recorded “live” and there were a couple of tiny – lasted no more than a second or two – technical glitches. On two occasions Simon’s voice sloooooooows right down for a second or two. They’re two very slight blemishes, of no matter.

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