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Good evening, London. It’s May 3rd, 2024. Today’s pin – a touch of yesteryear that’s still going strong. I’m talking about voting in the UK. Yesterday was election day. Well, the 2024 United Kingdom local elections. Elections to choose some 2,600 councillors on 107 councils in England. And 11 directly elected mayors in England. Including London of course. And the 25 members of the London Assembly. And 37 police and crime commissioners in England and Wales. My local polling station is just round the corner, in our little local community centre. The polls were open from 7 in the morning until 10 at night. And here’s what I really like about it. It’s done in the tried, traditional, old-fashioned way. Paper ballots. You put an X in the box by the name of the candidate you’re voting for. You fold your ballot and drop it into the ballot box. And then the votes get counted by hand. I don’t mean to be paranoid or anything but I don’t entirely trust electronic voting machines. Paper ballots sorted and counted by hand by lots of volunteers – all of that done semi-publicly – it seems to me that’s almost 100 percent proof against somebody trying to cook the books, rig it, fiddle the outcome. Electronic voting machines, surely they can be got at. A little programming hocus pocus and, well, you’ve got a bent election.

There were 13 candidates running for mayor. My favourite – apart from the individual I voted for – was the spoof candidate Count Binface. And sure enough, his logo was a bin. A candidate who wasn’t spoofing was the No to Immigration hopeful. A city of immigrants…my guess is his seed will have fallen on parched, barren ground. But we’ll see. And a goodly range of parties and independents for the London Assembly. In addition to the big three, I mean: the Conservatives, the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats. There was the Animal Welfare Party. And the Christian Peoples Alliance. And the Communist  Party of Britain. And the Heritage Party – wonder who they are, and what they’re about. And the Rejoin EU Party. And one called Britain First. And cut from the same cloth, I suspect, a party called Reform UK – London Deserves Better. And the Social Democratic Party. And The Green Party of course. All of them no hopers but you have to admire their public spiritedness. Anyway, come tomorrow all those paper ballots will have been tallied and it’ll be step forward winners.


Moving on, today’s Random. One of the stops on my Old Westminster walk – which I guided yesterday – is the Lord North Street house where Anthony Eden lived when he was first a member of Parliament. And of course Anthony Eden will be forever associated with the Suez debacle. In the words of Deputy Cabinet Secretary Burke Trend, Suez was “the psychological watershed, the moment when it became apparent  that Britain was no longer capable of being a great imperial power.” Now earlier on that walk we’d look at the house of Mansfield Smith Cumming, the first chief of the British Secret Service. Who, famously, signed off his communications to his underlings in green ink with the letter C. And I made the point that James Bond’s boss was known as and signed off his communications with the letter M. Which was the nickname of Ian Fleming’s – Bond’s creator – the nickname of Ian Fleming’s mother. And since it’s all about making connections, when we got to the Anthony Eden house, I threw another faggot on the blaze, I mentioned that shaken as he was by the Suez debacle, Eden retreated to Jamaica. Specifically to Goldeneye, Ian Fleming’s house. In other words, the house where James Bond was born was the last refuge for those still in denial about Britain’s place in the world. In the event, the three weeks that Eden beat a retreat to Goldeneye was sufficient time for his opponents to get themselves organised and unseat him.

Anyway, that’s all by the by. In the meantime, at Goldeneye, we can rest assured that the prime minister’s host, James Bond’s creator, and his guest knocked back more than a few drinkie poos during the prime minister’s R & R. And as everybody knows, James Bond wants his favourite drink – a martini cocktail – vodka martini – shaken, not stirred. So, the connection – however tenuous – is there. But if we’re going to shake that connection – not stir it – get it properly random, I think the time has come to count drinks. So while votes are being counted, let’s get a second count going. We know generally that James Bond drank like a fish. Let’s quantify.

The British Medical Journal, in their Christmas edition back in 2013 – God rest those merry gentlemen – the British Medical Journal reported that, across the entire run of James Bond novels, 007 drinks an average of 92 units of alcohol a week. That bears repeating: 92 units a week. You could say just slightly over the recommended 14 units a week. British slang, at its most graphic, would say, “what a piss artist.” And it’s not just the fluids. 007 takes a puff or two as well. In Casino Royale, Ian Fleming describes Bond as smoking his ‘70th cigarette of the day.’


Well, I think we better come up for some air. Make our excuses and get shot of “Bond, James Bond.”  Head to today’s Ongoing where the fun is much healthier. Ann’s Cat Tails Walk – London’s Feline History is coming up in a couple of weeks. And, as always, I’m purring with satisfaction – and delight – because, by way of a trailer, Ann’s come up with another one of her delightful cat tails podcast. Here’s Ann.


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