A Guest Podcast from the Former Editor of the Sherlock Holmes Journal

This year being the 70th anniversary of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London – and Sherlock Holmes having always been an important part of the London Walks canon – please give a warm welcome to guest podcaster Nick Utechin, who edited the Sherlock Holmes Journal for 30 years (1976 – 2006). Nick is, needless to say, an Honorary member of the Society.

For his “tour”, Nick ranges right across Sherlock Holmes’ London. Well connected and supremely well informed – as you’d expect – Nick seeds his “tour” with several fascinating tidbits that are not a matter of public record. For good measure, he does the “tour” in character. Get a cup of tea and get comfortable, ladies and gentlemen, you’re about to be shown round Sherlock Holmes’ London by Doctor Watson!

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