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Urban Geology at Guildhall & Gresham Street

Bank tube station, London (exit 1, on the corner of Poultry and Princes Street)

Guided by Ruth S.

A Millennium of London's Building Materials 

Discover the fascinating history and geology of London’s building stones. London is built on clay, and although this is good for brick-making, there are no local stones of sufficient quality to build monumental and civic buildings fitting of a capital city. During Roman and Medieval times, Ragstone and Reigate Stone were imported from Kent, and following the Great Fire in the 17th Century, Portland Stone became London¹s Iconic building stone and today stone is imported from all over the world.This walk will look at the City of London’s architectural history through its building stones. No previous knowledge of either geology or architecture is necessary.

What's an Urban Geology Walk like? Click here for a review that tells it like it is. 


To go on the Urban Geology at Guildhall & Gresham Street walk meet Ruth at 2.30 pm on Saturday, xxxxxx. The meeting point is just outside exit 1 (on Poultry) of BankTube


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