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The Archaeology of London

St. Paul's underground station, London (exit 2)

Guided by Kevin

Walk Times

DayWalk TypeStart TimeEnd Time
31 October 2020 Tour du Jour2.30 pm4.30 pm Summer
There are legends that London was founded in the Bronze Age. Historians wrote about a thriving Celtic city followed by a Roman city which began with the building of a military bridge shortly after the invasion led by the Emperor Claudius in 43 AD.   It survived till the Romans left in the early 5th-century and London entered a “Dark Age” which only ended with the building of St Paul’s cathedral in 604 AD.  The Saxon city began a continuous history as yet uninterrupted.

This traditional story was challenged by archaeologists in the 20th- and 21st-century. This walk – guided by a former Museum of London archaeologist – will investigate their discoveries. It’s a tale – and trail – of Roman forts, amphitheatres, temples, roads, houses and burials. And their Saxon successors. All of which we visit and look at through the eyes of a top flight professional archaeologist.


The Archaeology of London takes place at 2.30 pm on Saturday, October 31. Meet Kevin just outside exit 2 of St. Paul’s Tube.