The Seven Deadly Sins in the City of London

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Bank Underground Station, exit 3 (by the Royal Exchange)

Guided by Ulrike

Walk Times

Day Walk Type Start Time End Time
29 June 2024 Special 2.30 pm 4.30 pm Summer Reserve Online
26 July 2024 Special 2.30 pm 4.30 pm Summer Reserve Online
30 August 2024 Special 2.30 pm 4.30 pm Summer Reserve Online

Behold the City of London – let there be light* on 2000 years of history from ancient Roman beginnings to the modern Square Mile.

And lurking at every turn sinners great and small whose sinful acts birthed and then nourished this City on the Thames.

Come join me, Ulrike**…

on a journey to discover how Lust, Avarice, Sloth, Envy, Gluttony, Anger and Pride, the Seven Deadly Sins, both corrupted the people of London and drove its history.

From riots to orgies, excess to industrial espionage, high modern buildings to hidden alleyways, losing inhibitions to losing one’s head and many more tales of the unknown.

In between each of the Seven Deadly Sins another story of lust, that binds the walk together.

At the end, outside the Tower of London, we will meet the biggest sinner of all, and I can promise you, it won’t be the person you’re thinking of…

Join me on my sinful walk through the City of London from one fortress to another, from the Bank of England to the Tower of London with lots of entertainment in between!

Tales writ in London’s lowering clouds and brazen buildings and angry skies and phallic skyline and murky river.

*Shine a light especially on its darker corners, its dirty little (and not so little) secrets. Its seven deadly sins.

**In the interest of sparing me some blushes, David put the poster up, not me

63 reviews for The Seven Deadly Sins in the City of London

  1. Sheryl

    Seven Deadly Sins walk is a must. Ulrike is a superb guide & has done her research thoroughly, full of historical knowledge , her delivery was extremely interesting & entertaining as we walked through little alleyways. I highly recommend this walk.

  2. Lyubov

    Absolutely fantastic tour. I have been to quite a few walks and this one is one of the best. Ulrike’s story telling skills are great, she keeps the audience captivated. I also went on this one’s sister-walk – Seven Deadly Sins: the Capital Vices – that goes from Covent Garden and thoroughly enjoyed it, too. I highly recommend doing both Seven Sins tours, you will learn a lot and have lots of fun.

  3. Ian

    Brilliant tour. Beautifully constructed and a perfect mix of history, philosophy and entertainment. Highly recommended

  4. Donna Moss

    We really enjoyed The Seven Deadly Sins. Very entertaining, well-researched with just the right touch of bawdiness to keep us all amused. We saw some great bits of London, great fun….thank you Ulrike

  5. Jane Pain

    Fascinating afternoon walk. Ulrike has a vast knowledge of the history of our great Capital. Her delivery was clear, with saucy titbits that kept everyone entertained. Highly recommended.

  6. Lorraine Harley

    Went on Ulrike’s walk from Bank today, great fun and a brilliant way to see the city of London. Very entertaining and informative, it is a must for any Friday afternoon. Thanks Lorraine & Brian Harley

  7. Sian Edwards

    A very interesting and different look at life and lives in our great City, with a surprising twist in the tail/tale ! Many thanks Ulrike.

  8. Jonathan Chan

    A wonderful walk! This journey through the Square Mile and its stories of sin absolutely brims with life. The stories are well paced and you’re kept on your toes – Ulrike covers an extraordinary amount of information, from the Gordon Riots to Samuel Pepy’s sexual exploits, and does so with wit and charm. I didn’t know there was quite so much lust in the city – some of these stories made me blush!

    Very highly recommended.

  9. Julie England

    Oh My I have done so many walks around London, this is definitely one of my favourites, I came away buzzing. You will be amazed at what went on behind closed doors!! A pub you may probably walk past or enjoy a drink, has a past that might make you blush!! Ulrike tells you naughty secrets and stories in such a tasteful but amusing way, you will have heard of some of those mentioned but be surprised to hear another side. An added bonus is being taken around the streets and alleys of the city you feel like you are stepping back on time, just brilliant.

  10. Simon Jones

    This walk follows the great success of Ulrike’s earlier Seven Deadly Sins walk around Covent Garden. This one is as good, if not better, than that. The concept is brilliantly simple: each stop takes an incident or person from London’s history as an illustration of one of the Deadly Sins and culminates in a study of one person who indulged in them all. Simple, but not superficial. I have lived in, and been exploring, London for well over thirty years and many of these stories were completely new to me. One of the delights of this walk (apart from hearing wonderful stories of unrest, character assassination, misbehaviour in church and much, much more) is Ulrike’s delivery – she truly wears her knowledge lightly and this makes the walk a delight. On top of this, you get to wander through the City’s meandering alleyways – what’s not to like?

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