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The Men Who Made Menswear

Piccadilly Circus underground station, London (exit 4, Eros exit – between the world-famous Eros statue and the Criterion Restaurant canopy)

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Short version: Tailoring in Mayfair & St. James's.

Longer version:  They say the British are the only people in the world who dress the male of the species better than the female. So tailoring isn't just tailoring. There's history, there's culture, there's economics and money and class and style. There's that delightful sensation of being right at the centre of the mystery. There's specialist knowledge. There's behind-the-scenes. There's art and skill and craftsmanship and materials and how and why it's done. There's eccentricity, quirkiness and accidents and manners and mores. There's the key. ("The key" because going there, going in there unlocks doors of perception into this country, these people. You get some understanding of some special things about this society that can only be accessed by looking at and getting a grasp of this subject. Extraordinary, really. But there you are – that's the kind of thing that goes with the territory of the most secretive country and culture in the Western world.) Some particulars? Well, let's step into the showroom. Take a look at what caused the King George IV fall out with George ‘Beau’ Brummell and where. Take a look at the sartorial connection between Abbey Road and Saville Row. Take a look at how and why the Marshall Street Baths changed the way men dress? Take a look at why Edward VII looked so good in plus 4s. And Edward VIII in fair isle knit. Take a look at what happened when Mr Fish left Turnbull and Asser on Jermyn Street. Then through here please, where we can step back and chart the development of mens tailoring over the past 200 years. Hear the intriguing stories of the familiar and not so familiar names, the men who commissioned, inspired and made menswear on the streets where it happened. Fits you perfectly. 

Fascinating stuff. Especially when the fabric is selected, measured, cut and sewn by London Walks. In the words of that lapidary New York Times observation:  "London Walks puts you into the hands of an expert on the particular area and topic of a tour…"

Which is by way of saying, this walk has been created and is guided by London Walks' most dapper guide. A keen student of these matters, Russell has years of savvy and know-how backed up by carefully cultivated, crepe de chine quality connections. No wonder he looks the part. Specialist knowledge – "expertise" indeed. And into the weave he's a top flight, professionally qualified Blue Badge guide.